Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm Scared

A total of 60 calories and I've gained 2oz. I only ate 410 calories and stopped eating at 6:30pm. What the HELL is going on!?!?! I'm so freaked out right now and I feel so hopeless. Oh my God, ok let's get it together.

New changes: no meat. Max of 300 calories until Friday. Drink 2 liters of cayenne/lemon water a day. Only fruit, veggies, Kombucha tea and protein shake allowed. Take Iodine pills everyday (helps to improve thyroid). TRY TO EAT AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE.

I'm hoping these changes will get me to 129 or 128 by Friday. Then I think I need to reset my metabolism with a higher calorie day b/c this is my longest streak of restricting, and I seem to be getting nowhere. Oh man this is so scary to me, how could I gain weight like this? And my period ended this morning. And it's just the worst feeling, going to bed without my stomach growling and waking up feeling normal and not light. And I just don't know why...

So, I'll keep trying...any other tips are greatly appreciated.

To Zette - Thanks for your support! My job will be in a management rotational position for an industrial supply company. So I'll get to work in marketing, finance, accounting, manufacturing, anything and everything. I visited the company for my second round interview and I really felt like it will be a good fit, and pay is good so I'm happy about that :)

To Determined Girl - I just love ya to pieces! Thanks for supporting me at my lowest points. The feeling is definitely mutual.

I'm too scared to eat dairy, so I'm just gonna stick with fruits and veggies until Friday. But I'm saying screw the calorie count. Organic baby food is gonna be a staple, and it's so damn delicious..lucky ass babies. Also roasted seaweed is a delicious, lightly salty snack that should help any salt cravings I have. Seaweed's also hella good for you. So I'm up to 190 calories so far. I won't go past 500, but I'm really excited to go have more baby food, only 60 calories per jar. Also gonna have cantaloupe later. Pumped. Sorry, but I can't concentrate and the thesis..well ya know.

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  1. don't fret too much it's probably just your body adjusting to the drop in calories so it's trying to retain as much water as possible it'll drop soon :) xxx