Monday, March 14, 2011

Ok so needless to say I kinda messed up this past week b/c of spring break. I didn't even do anything exciting. Just writing my damned thesis, which is coming together nicely actually. But I'm getting back on track. Fruits, veggies, beans, lean ground meat, protein bread and skinny cow ice cream (when desperate) allowed. Absolutely NO rice, regular bread, candy, flavored coffee, diet soda and other horrible stuff. I swear the aspartame in diet soda is what gives me migraines.

Definitely got binging out of my system...I hated looking at myself in the mirror the whole time I was on break. I brought my scale with me and only got on in once, and then ran out of the bathroom. I'm going to wait to weigh myself until next Monday. I just glad to be back. You all are so wonderful.

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