Wednesday, November 3, 2010


YAY!!! Weighed myself this morning and I'm 152.0 now! Which is really good b/c after I posted last night I kinda had a peanuts binge and ate like 25 whole shelled peanuts...But hoorah! Oh yea I got a scale yesterday coming back from the hairdresser (I got bangs!) b/c I saw a Target on the way. May change my Thanksgiving goal to 145 now! I def think I will tho b/c I'll probs gain 5 pounds on Thanksgiving..

Last night I decided to make myself mini snack packs made of 7 honey wheat pretzel sticks and 7 whole shelled peanuts. This way I can just grab and go when I'm in a rush and not feel anxious about what to eat if I get ravenous later in the day b/c I didn't have breakfast.

Today I plan to eat 1 snack pack (200), 1 100% fruit smoothie (~150) (from a fruit cart in Philly), and a 200 calorie dinner. Hopefully that's not too much..

Gonna change my plan to not eating more than 700 calories a day. Then one day a week I can have a liquid fast day. We'll see how that works out with the whole "not eating after 8pm" thing.

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