Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Snacking Problem

Ok so today I actually ate snack pack (180), lean cuisine sesame chicken w/ extra veggies (280), 2 94% fat free hotdogs w/ baked beans (210), snack pack (180). 850 out of 700 calories. Damn. Well I fast walked today for 300 calories. So it's really 550 net calories. May have a green apple w/ cinnamon later. I really don't want to eat late, but my schedule is so hectic and I usually do my homework at night and fall asleep around 2am. Ahh, working on it.

Going home tomorrow for the weekend. Happy b/c my parents are super snuggly, but nervous b/c we love to eat together. Just gotta keep a bunch of apples around to munch on. For the ride up I'm gonna bring a bag of popcorn (240). Gonna have a green apple (80) for breakfast.

The thing is I really don't think I drink enough water. So I actually don't think I'm going back downstairs for the apple (I hate going downstairs to the kitchen when all the lights are off). Just gonna drink lots more water. Post tomorrow!

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