Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1st Follower!

YAY! Hi Elara! Thanks for your support, and the tip on almond milk! Good news: got out of the Thanksgiving dinner that my friends were hosting. Even better news: it ended up being canceled! So I didn't have to feel lame about lying and not going. Ok today was good:
B: Special K bar, 90, 10:30am
L: 100-pack almonds, 2pm
D: 1 can low sodium Italian wedding soup, 240, 6pm
S: 1 Asian pear, 80, 9:30pm
S: 7/8 of glass of rose cava wine, ~80 (from what I read online), 10:30pm
Total: 590 calories today

40 calories over :/ but I totally resisted temptation by not eating any cheese or bread at the table at the wine bar we went to, and nursed that one glass (didn't even finish it) during the night. Also, I walked 10 blocks with my housemate to the bar and back, so got a bit of exercise :) Also glad I didn't feel the need to drink any diet soda today, don't want to get into a soda habit. GREAT NEWS: I now comfortably fit into these Elizabeth & James pants that I bought about 1 1/2 years ago. When I bought them they were too tight; they made my legs look nice but I had a horrible muffin top. Now I look awesome in them! I actually need a belt! I wore them out tonight and I think wearing them played a part in helping me to resist eating later. Oh and there was this girl at the bar with us who I met for the first time there who was just stuffing her face with the bread and cheese! Well she served as great reverse thinspo for me! Real nice girl, but god she could eat. She actually reminded me of myself before I got into this lifestyle, when I was eating with family or friends. Around friends I have become MUCH more self-conscious, even while they're snacking. Even tonight when I was eating my pear I decided to stay in the kitchen and talk with some of my housemates. There was a bag of opened chocolate chips and animal crackers on the table and I didn't touch anything. Having the pear in my hand helped. But I haven't been home yet since going pro-ana, so I'm really scared about how I'm going to control myself around close family.

Took my diet pills again today. Haven't been hurting my stomach so that's good! Slight change to tomorrow's meal plan, b/c I'm craving popcorn again:
B: Special K bar, 90
L: 100-pack almonds
S: 1 mini bag popcorn, 100
D: 1 can Campbell's low sodium, light Vegetable Beef Barley soup, 180
S: 1 green apple, cinnamon, 80
Total: 530 calories

No chance of drinking b/c all my friends will be gone for the holiday, except me b/c I have a stupid damn in-class essay in Chinese! FML! So I have be leave for home Thursday morning, sucks. Well at least I get a day of no food distractions. I'll post tomorrow about weight and such! Toodles!

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