Tuesday, November 23, 2010


143.6 this morning! I like this 550 calories per day idea! But the planning I think is the key to my success. Knowing exactly what I'm going to eat for the day, and also saving the majority of my calories for the evening, have been great. My plan for today is gonna be a bit different than I previously planned though b/c I'm actually not volunteering today.
B: Special K bar, 90 (10:30am)
L: 100-pack almonds (2pm)
D: 1 can Progresso low-sodium Italian Wedding Soup, 240 (6pm)
S: 1 Asian Pear, 80 (9pm)
S: 1/2 cup light Silk vanilla soy milk, 35 (11pm, if still hungry)
Total: 545 calories

Didn't exercise :( oops. Gonna try to move my butt and do some situps and pushups in my room. I've been so busy today that I haven't even had time to think about food. Feeling good right now! Chilling out and reading some blogs, then got some homework to do. I'll post later or tomorrow about how I did. Oh, I have a lil Thanksgiving dinner to go to school, but I think I'm just gonna say I'm feeling sick and not go. We're all supposed to be making food together and it would be really hard not to at least sample the food. Yep def locking myself in my room. Sucks to be anti-social, but I really can't afford to mess up before Thanksgiving.

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  1. Love Asian pears! Check out almond milk sometime, it's fewer calories and sugar than even light soy.

    Good luck tomorrow if you can't get out of the dinner.