Monday, November 22, 2010

Go Girl!

Omg, so f-ing proud of myself today! My eating plan for today went really well. I was a bit hungry from 2:30pm to 5pm, but I got home and locked myself in my room w/ my mini bag of popcorn. Thinking back on it I was actually really hungry! I started chewing on the unpopped kernels, they're actually edible if you're able to crack them with your teeth! Ok weird info sorry. Oh also had a Diet Sierra Mist at 1:30pm. But I overcame the biggest obstacle ever: one of my housemates made a BUNCH of food for Thanksgiving for a few of her wrestler friends and of course she welcomed me to partake in the feasting. She made everything: I'm talking pumpkin pie, apple pie, pumpkin soup, cornbread, green beans, stuffed mushrooms, bacon and spinach stuffed chicken, beer bread and cranberry sauce. Good Lord. Around 7:30pm her buddies started rolling in, and I had to come downstairs to pop my Lean Cuisine in the oven. She looked at me and said "are you kidding? There's all this free food." I'm a little mad at my reply. I said "girl, I just can't.." Should have said "I know, but I've been craving this dinner all day!" Can't draw too much attention to myself! Well I brought my dinner up to my room and ate it there. It was so delicious btw! Totally getting that again. Really wasn't all that hungry too after having savored my popcorn for like 30 minutes (I was basically licking the inside of the paper bag). Just finished my Asian pear, so I'm done for the day. There's a bunch of leftovers on the kitchen table downstairs but I totally walked by it and grabbed by pear. No more reason to face temptation in the kitchen anymore tonight so I'm safe and happy! I also have to thank the Chargers/Broncos game for distracting me. 144.8lbs this morning, really hope to be a solid 144 tomorrow morning, but I didn't exercise today so I don't know...Def going for 30 minutes tomorrow afternoon tho. On Mondays and Wednesdays I have class until 5pm and it gets so dark so fast now, and its cold, I get deterred from going back outside. Been dancing around my room a lot tho so hopefully that counts for something! So total of 550 calories today. Really love daily eating plans, helps me stay focused. Keep feeling for my hipbones but they're still so so so buried under layers of fatty fat fat. Ok watching the rest of the game, then shower, then sleep! Go me!

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