Monday, November 1, 2010


UGH!! Started out so good today! Ran and burned 517 calories and only had 100 calories of TR butternut squash soup and 70 calorie green apple. Then..."house dinner" happened. And I totally binged on Skyline chili pasta, beer bread, veggies, gazpacho quinoa mixture and chips, and slivers of apple and pumpkin pie. Everything was delicious and homemade, so I know I don't just binge on food I don't like. But I have a serious problem with overeating. If I had eaten regularly all day today, I still would have been able to eat everything I ate for dinner tonight. It's like I get so excited about food and anxious that if I don't eat it fast enough and as much as I can stomach, then it'll be gone forever. That's a SERIOUS problem. Like that's not ok. So I think this new eating lifestyle that I'm trying to embrace is not an ED, but rather will help me overcome this overeating problem, which I think is the real ED. So full right now and there's nothing I can do about it...

Oh and last night wasn't any better, b/c after coming home from the club by housemates and I attacked leftover veggie pad thai like it was our last meal. I just need to learn to savor food. Take a plate, get a portion of everything I want and eat it SLOWLY!! Ahh I really felt skinnier today too...Think I'm gonna get my scale this weekend when I go home. I have a scale at home some on Thursday night I'll be able to record my weight. 500 calories tomorrow, we've got to make it happen!

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