Wednesday, November 24, 2010

omg death day of feasting tomorrow!

Ugh I'm so scared! I'm really on a roll with the 550 calorie plan, and I don't want my hard work and willpower to be ruined by this mindless food holiday and a whole weekend at home with my "too nurturing" parents who love to feed me! I won't be a failure. When I get back to Penn and back to my scale I'm going to be 139lbs! I'm going to reach that goal on Tuesday morning b/c I'm leaving home on Monday morning to come back to school, and I'll probably eat some sort of breakfast at home and I want to weigh myself on an empty stomach. So on the last day of November, I WILL be 139.

Good news is that I was 142.0 this morning. If I'm able to lose 2lbs in a day that would be insanely awesome! To help that happen, I tried doing a saltwater flush today at 7:30pm. All of my housemates are back home (except one, but she's at a concert right now), so I decided to give it a try. When I get an idea in my head I'm always super enthusiastic to fulfill it as soon as possible! So I'm a bit drastic...Well you're supposed to do this on an empty stomach, but I thought that since I haven't even many calories today it would still work well. I think it'll still going on right now actually and it's working pretty slow. I've had 2 mini bowel movements so far, but my tummy keeps making noises. I've also get had 2 mugs of dandelion/peppermint tea to assist me. Just tummy anger, not much else :( I really want everything out of my tummy b/c I haven't got to the bathroom in a few days and I thought a mini cleanse would get things moving. My tummy's so full of liquids right now and I'm uncomfortable! But the good news out of this is that I only ate 450 calories today, b/c I'm so full of liquids that I can't eat my apple! So hopefully that gives me another lil boost too. I really want to be in the 140.X range tomorrow morning. With will mean that I basically made my goal of 140lbs by Thanksgiving! I hope that happens..

Well I've got to sleep b/c I'm riding back home as soon as the sunrises tomorrow morning b/c I want to go HOME! Gotta remember to chew slowly, drink mucho aqua, and wear something girly and a bit restrictive so I can feel my tummy expanding from too much food. That should keep me in control. I wonder if my parents will notice if I lost some weight, b/c this morning even tho I lost some I didn't feel or look lighter. My lower body is still so damn chunky and wiggly, I hate it! When I get back from home I'm doing some serious running. I'm actually also going to take my running shoes home so I can maybe run outside there. Gotta be 139 when I get back! Good luck tomorrow, girls!

UPDATE: omg I know what's period, it's here. FML. I'm still going to post my weight tomorrow, but if it's not in the 140 range or if it's even higher than 142, you'll know why.

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  1. Hello Cierra,

    I read your post at CC's blog and decided to take a look at your blog, and it's great! I'm going to follow you! :)

    I love your avatar! :) I'm sure you know it means Beautiful? I used to live in Japan for some time when I was younger, and it was there that I learned something very important about beauty and femininity.

    I know what you mean about your "lower body ... chunky and wiggly", but for now the only thing you can do is to keep loosing weight (but not too fast. Stay on 550 cals!). I'm working on a blog with some good advice to girls like us, for there IS a way we can do this and become what we always wanted to. I just want to make it right before I set it up.

    Hang in there, hon, and remember: You are not alone!... ^L^,