Friday, December 3, 2010


Hmmm don't know how I feel about that. I was 142 last Wednesday. I thought I'd be in the 130s by today. I must have gained a lot of weight over the Thanksgiving break :( Went to the gym today and burned 440, ran 30 mins straight and bit of stair master. Just had my Amy's tamale pie for 150 calories and 1 bottle of Skinny Water about 1 hour before that.

I'm hungry guys...this is no bueno

Have a meeting at 3pm and instead of the apple I'm gonna have a Fuze drink for 10 calories. Still gonna have the soup at 5 so I'm not starving during the car workshop. Trying..need to read a lot of blogs today to stay motivated.

---- UPDATE ----

It's 4:50am now and I just got home from working on the car. Food for the day:
B: Skinny Water (0) + Amy's MTP (150) at 2pm
S: Fuze (10) at 3pm
L: Nissan cup hearty chicken noodles (300) + multigrain cereal (150) + Diet Iced Tea (0) at 5pm
S: 2 prunes (50) + Vitamin water zero (0) at 9-10pm
D: eggplant part of eggplant parm w/ some sauce (250) + some salad w/ balsamic (100) at 2am
Total: 1,060 calories, burned 440 at the gym before breakfast, net 570 calories

FML! Can't eat like this! That was like a regular day of food! Seriously tho I took off all the cheese and fried parts of the eggplant parm. Only had 4 regular bites w/ fried part and sauce (but no cheese). I was still standing and walking and working for the past 3 hours since "dinner" so I kept my metabolism going. I really hope tomorrow is still some kind of a loss. Waking up tomorrow and going to burn 700 calories at the gym, which I estimate will be the amount of calories I'll have at dinner. But just fruits and veggies before then. That's gonna take some time..geez this isn't easy. I really don't know what I would do if I didn't exercise. But it does give me too much food leeway I think. Gonna try on my goal jeans tomorrow for inspiration! I CRAVE beautiful small thighs!!

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