Thursday, December 2, 2010

get it done

Food for today:
B: 100-pack almonds at 10:30am
S: Vitamin Water Zero
S: green apple w/ cinnamon (80), 1 prune (25) at 3:30pm
L: Amy's Mexican tamale pie (150) at 5pm
D: Lean Cuisine baked chicken w/ stuffing and mashed potatoes dinner (250) at 8pm
S: 1 cup multigrain cereal (150) at 10:30pm
Total: 755 calories, burned 355 calories at the gym (ran 3mi straight!), so 400 net calories today.

Not too bad, and I was super duper hungry today, but I resisted a lot of food. Scared to weigh myself tomorrow morning. I've really been trying, and I've avoided a lot of social outings so that I can keep restricting. I really hope I see some results tomorrow morning. Saw the boy again today on his bike. Again, I don't think is saw me. I'm just feeling really down about him. I miss just hanging out with him so much. I just need to feel better about myself so I can get over this.
Future road blocks ahead: Saturday night pizza with girlfriends at our fav pizza place. I checked out the menu and plan to get the lowfat cheese, grilled veggie pizza w/ whole wheat crust. It's a personal pie, and I hope to only eat half of it, but I know I still haven't gotten over my ravenous appetite. So I'm burned 700 calories at the gym Saturday morning and only eating 300 calories of fruits and veggies before the dinner. It'll be ok, I can control myself. I'll just keep thinking about that boy and how I was probably to much of a fatass for him...that should stop me. And my friends love to talk about boy problems, so the fact that I don't even have a boyfriend or a potential one should depress me enough to not stuff my face. Sorry that's a really sad image, but hey that's my life.

Plan for tomorrow:
B: Amy's Mexican tamale pie (150) at 12pm
S: rice pudding cup (70) at 3pm
L: Campbell's chicken and sausage gumbo light soup (200) at 5pm
S: green apple w/ cinnamon (80) at 9pm
S: 1 cup multigrain ceral (150), sprite zero (0) at 11pm
S: Fuze drink (10) at 2am
Total: 660 calories, burn 400 at the gym for a tentative net 260 calories tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'm working on body fabrication for the electric car with my club (yea..I'm cool like that). We have a meeting at 6pm and the workshop starts at 7pm and goes pretty late. So I want to have some snacks available for the late night and make sure I eat something filling beforehand. Gotta stick to that! I have a problem with late night eating when I come home late. So I bought some Fuze drinks today and I'll have 1 of those tomorrow night if I want some flavor in my mouth. Trying to stay positive! But I know this is my only option to being completely happy with myself. Let's go!

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  1. You are so organized with your food. I wish I could do that. I'm WAY too "fly by the seat of my size 4000 jeans". I pray for planning like yours.

    Great job! Kudos babe!