Sunday, December 5, 2010


I dont know what to do. I messed up already today by eating multigrain cereal (150) and 2 prunes (50) while at the library. I haven't gained any weight since Friday, but my net calories have been really low since I've been burning hella calories at the gym! It's like my body just doesn't care. And I don't think those diet pills were making a difference, but I'll start them again tomorrow anyway. I just hate taking pills. I think the problem is that I've been having my biggest meal at night, and even though I'm up for another 3 hours or so, I'm still mostly sedentary. So my new rule is to not eat a meal that is more than 200 calories after 6pm. Going back to 550 calorie days w/ alternating fruits and veggies days. Tomorrow is still fruits and veggies. I just need this semester to end, I'm so stressed about my weight and seeing people and having to act happy and interact when I really just want to hide away in my room all day and listen to my stomach growl. Sad and lonely as usual..

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