Sunday, December 5, 2010


Failed already...frat meeting pizza. I was so hungry and anxious that I spilled pizza sauce on my sweatshirt. Look like a fat ass now. Probably 500 calories worth, tho I got rid of a lot of cheese. Unhappy, fat camper.

Just had a Special K bar b/c I had a sweet tooth. Just under 1,000 calories for today...that's awful! Ok but focusing on the future, here's the low down for tomorrow:
B: Veggie pack (mini baggie of 5 grape tomatoes, 1/2 broccoli and 3 baby carrots) (~60 calories)
S: 4 prunes (100)
L: Veggie pack (60)
S: Green apple w/ cinnamon (80)
D: Veggie pack (60)
S: Green apple w/ cinnamon (80)
S: Pickles (10)
Total: 450 calories

That's plenty of calories and constant eating, I'll be fine. I need to get back into the groove I was in when I was losing quickly right before Thanksgiving. Also hope to work out tomorrow morning. Ok need to get work done, hope you all are doing well with your weight loss :)

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