Tuesday, December 7, 2010


hello hello! Ok pretty bad yesterday b/c I went to a sports bar w/ a friend to watch the Jets game...HORRIBLE GAME! Jets lost real bad and I just kept eating. Had 4 loaded potato skins, 2 cups beer, 1 slice pizza. You can see the sidebar for the total calories for that day, but I counted this mini binge as 700 calories. OH, and then I had some Chinese eggplant and white rice in my Chinese class (the teacher got it for us) and I count that as 400 calories. So...besides those two bad moments yesterday was ok. Didn't weigh myself this morning tho b/c I was too scared. Today was pretty good b/c I overcame a major obstacle: Eating Papa John's pizza at my electric car meeting tonight. It's my favorite chain store pizza. But I just sat at the table with my hands folded around my bottle of Skinny Water and pondered about how unattractive and unremarkable I am to all the guys around me (I'm the only girl in the clubs...its an engineering club). I kind of have a crush on one of the group leaders, and he's nice to me and all but he doesn't give me a second glance. I'm only upset about my dinner, I had two Amy's tamale pies, back to back. I was so hungry after I ate the first one. And I had a skinny caramel macchiato earlier, but those 140 calories are quite a lot.
B: veggie pack (60)
S: Skinny caramel macchiato (140)
L: Some fruit and homemade fruit smoothies while volunteering at a school (150)
S: veggie pack (60) + 4 prunes (100)
D: 2 Amy's Mexican tamale pies (300) + 1/2 green apple (40)
Total: 850 calories intake, burned 400 on the elliptical, 450 net calories today

Wish it was less. I miss the 550 calorie days that I knocked out right before Thanksgiving. Actually, I'm going to do one tomorrow b/c I'm not going to exercise since I'm getting my hair done. So the grand plan:
B: 6 hard-boiled egg whites (102, 17 cal each) at 11am
L: green apple w/ cinnamon (80) at 12-1pm
S: sprite zero (0) at 1pm
S: hot tea w/ lemon and splenda (0) at 3pm
S: veggie pack (60) + diet snapple (0) at 5pm         *hair apmt @ 5:30pm*
S: popcorn (240) at 8:30pm
S: rice pudding (70) at 9:30pm
Total: 552 calorie intake, no exercise (besides the usually walking/biking around campus)
Have to go to a bar w/ a housemate around midnight but just going to have a diet coke! SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!!

Conquering my binge-eating problem w/ another..slight problem, but we're gonna see awesome results! Good luck all!

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