Thursday, December 30, 2010

Poop & Hoops

Pooped only a bit this morning...weighed 135.4 after. UGH! Had 2 cappuccinos for breakfast and lunch, but 3 slices whole wheat, lite cheese, eggplant & tomato pizza for dinner...600 for dinner, plus 60 for the skim milk in the cappuccinos. Also just chugged a bottle of lemon flavored magnesium citrate (a saline laxative). Didn't exercise today, I was so sore. I plan to hula hoop for 2 - 20 minutes sessions before bed.

Dear body weight, please be 134.x tomorrow...please!

holy snap I hula hooped for 1 whole hour! You really get into it when listening to music at the same time. First time trying that! The 2 cappuccinos finally kicked in at 9pm! I highly suggest getting a weighted hula hoop dudes, it's fun and effective. Nice break from the usual running or cross ramping routine. Having some bouillon cube broth now. Oh and I pooped! I guess it was enough, since I had senna leaf tea about an hour after the bottle of saline lax. I thought there would've been more food in me since I can't stop eating. Eh idk. We'll see tomorrow..

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