Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fatter when you wake

Seriously, what is going on? OH I KNOW! The dreaded period, that's why I feel like a whale. But seriously like a pregnant whale, I could barely suck my stomach in. I did get to go to the bathroom, so probaby got rid of 2-3lbs. Hooray for the digestive tract!

Oh btw, I'm bloated, but crazing food. So today we're just gonna focus on low cal instead of low carb. I'm crazing fruit, popcorn and puffed cereal. Ah carbs...Oh good news! I've successfully avoided the Greek restaurant outing tonight. I just don't trust myself with the bread...But get this, one of my fucking food-obsessed housemates is making dinner for the house: roasted chicken, homemade mushroom ravioli, chocolate dessert, some other fattening dessert, appetizers. If you've been following for a bit she's the same chick that made a disgustingly fattening Thanksgiving feast for the house and her wrestling buddies too. Luckily I'm going to help out my engineering club at 6pm to work on our car. Dinner starts at 6:15. Awesome. OH and random thing that pisses me off. These fat bitches I live with are too fucking much! I have the smallest section in the fucking fridge, a lil drawer with a shelf, which I share w/ 3 other people. And this bitch who's making dinner has the fucking nerve to push my food back and put some of her fat ass food on my fucking shelf. LIKE SERIOUSLY!? The fridge is always fucking bulging with food too, these bitches eat sooooo fucking much! It's disgusting. I need this weight to really start falling off so I can show them how fat they really are.

Sorry, if you can't tell I'm totally on my period. So I've starting taking my old diet pills again, b/c I feel like I'm not losing and these don't make my heart feel like exploding when I take them. Hopefully the time off of them will make them effective again. I am also going to start exercising again, I promise! One of my friends, a lil Asian chick (great living thinspo) wants a workout partner and we're gonna start taking classes together. So I'll be getting back into it real soon! Ugh I'm grabbing my tummy fat right now and I can't take it. I know 800 calories seems like a lot, but I'm trying to work my calories down week by week. Next week the cal max is gonna be 700. Not one calorie over.

Must. be. skinny.

Here's too skinny Asians.

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  1. i got my period too :( :( it makes me feel like ick too. But i'm glad you're off the other diet pills, i don't think they're supposed to make your heart beat like that....anyway stay strong lovely! Good job not going to the greek restaurant! :)