Monday, January 24, 2011

Fasting Resolution

Totally overshot yesterday. Sorry...the Jets lost the AFC Championship game and afterward I was determined to binge. Before the game I was awesome and went to the gym and burned 650. Then only had a protein shake and small green apple before the game at 6:30pm. At the sports bar I had 4 potato skins (w/o the bacon and scrapped most of the cheese off) and probs 4 cups of Miller Lite. Def ~650 right there, negating my exercise. Then after we lost I went to the store and bought a single serving of lite ice cream for 260 cal. Then my housemates had made cookies and I had 3 of those, mini bag popcorn, small slice of chocolate cake and a half of a soft pretzel. I'm pissed b/c I didn't even want any of the sweet stuff, but I ate it anyway.

But it's ok b/c I'm going to fix this. I'm fasting today, I've already logged the nonexistent calories on my sidebar so there's no going back on it. Since I only have 1 1-hr class on Monday, I think this should ALWAYS be my fasting day throughout the semester. I'm liquid fasting on Wednesdays too. Those are the two days that I think I'm most able to fast on. So Mondays are zero calories, Wednesdays are liquid calories only. I think that will boost my weight loss, b/c things are moving too slowly right now. When I look at myself in the mirror front on I look like I'm getting somewhere. But when I turn to the side I look horrible and lumpy.

Getting hunger pangs already but I'll just grab my fat to keep myself motivated. OH exciting discovery: the British version of Skins is on Netflix! Super awesome and getting into it, great distraction from my life and eating. Ok gotta do some studying now, update later. Good luck to you all!

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  1. i like doing liquid fasts, i feel like i have more freedom and its an easy step into an all out fast, ya know? Good luck girl!