Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 2

Lost 4lbs since yesterday morning...I should be happy, I am happy to see that this is working, but the number is still too damn high. The weight on my ticker is my current weight as of now. I hope to be at least 133.5 tomorrow, I'll be on track if so. I just burned 360 on the treadmill and I'm taking some Hydroxycut so hopefully I'll lose my 2.5lb today.

I went out with my friends last night, had diet coke again. My friends are getting sick of me, not really, but every time they're just like, "diet coke again?!" Yea bitches, diet coke again. I'm not going to have any alcohol until I'm 120. And then I'll probs die of liver poisoning b/c I'll be starting up again during my school's Spring Fling on the 15th. Pure craziness.

Well, when I was out last night, I saw a bunch of pretty skinny chicks, and it just made me want this so bad. It's almost dresses, tanks, and shorts season and I'm so excited...and anxious. I cannot, will not, mess up anymore. Here's to getting what we want. XO.

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