Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 5

Good day buddies! Firstly, I would like to welcome Sofia as my newest follower! HI! I've got sweet 16 followers now...ok that was corny sorry :/

Secondly, I'm 128.8 today. Lowest I can ever remember being, which is exciting. Unfortunately that makes me 3oz behind schedule now. But I can't be too mad. In the back of my mind I knew it would be a long-shot for me to lose 15lbs in 6 days. So far I've lost 10.2lbs in 4 days. I really can't complain.

In order to be a high 124, I would need to lose 2lbs per day until Friday. Today I only lost 1.6lbs after drinking 32oz lemonade, taking 1 Hydroxycut and1 iodine, and burning 350 calories from the elliptical and stair-stepper yesterday. ACTUALLY, I was 129.6 when I woke up, and then was 128.8 after exercising, and I burned 525 calories today! Obviously, my body is starting to slow down with the weight loss. Thankfully I'm not hungry tho, no cravings whatsoever.

I will probably be 125-126 on Friday morning. I will put another "FAIL" on my sidebar. But I deserve it. I let myself gain 8lbs over break with my parents. I shot all the way back to 139 from 131 in 10 days. This could have been a lot easier. So this is what I get.

Here's my promise tho: to come back to school on April 4th no higher than 126. I'll weigh myself on the 5th to see how I've done. Then I'll be starting a diet with Amanda until the 15th that consists of mostly water fasts and liquid fasts. I'll probs modify it a bit, because I really want to reintroduce protein back into my diet. So I think on liquid days I'll have fresh juice all day and I've my lean turkey chili at night. I'm pumped to have a diet buddy!

OMG one more day after this! I can't believe I haven't eaten a single thing in 4 days so far. Cool. THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT! I seriously could NOT do this without you all. I hope with all my heart you're plans are going well too! XOXO!


  1. cheers for 128.8. you're doing great. i'm sure you'll catch up to your schedule. cheers for having a diet buddy. on liquid fast exceptions i have to have the 'solid' at lunchtime or it'll turn into fat while i sleep. blah. stay strong, darling. your success is motivating for real.

  2. Hey there, fellow Jersey Girl! :D

    10.2 in 4 days?! That's intense!! I'm jealous. :p My metabolism is shot to sh*t tho--the most I can lose is 2 or 3 lbs in a week. Keep hydrated with your fasting. <3


  3. good job on your fast! i was just wondering, how tall are you? and we're about the same weight. :D stay lovely. <3

  4. Any loss is good girl! That's insane that you lost so much, so quickly. I am so jealous that you're out of the 130s (I'm still working on that).

    Thank you for the advice about chilis! I actually have some vegan chili I made somewhere in my freezer. I might break that stuff out to get me through the snowstorm this weekend. It's scorchingly hot, so I can only eat a little at a time!