Friday, April 1, 2011

Death of the Fast

Well, that was interesting. So here's what happened this morning. I woke up and was 128.6lbs, I only lost 2oz after probs -450 calorie intake on Thursday. So...I decided to eat. The main problem is *TMI* that I feel like I have something more to *get out* of me, and the lemonade and senna tea just wasn't doing it for some reason. Hopefully some solid food for this weekend will do it. Today, I had a skinny latte ,chicken w/ rice and eggplant and broccoli around 12pm, with oranges and strawberries for a lil dessert. ~700 calories there I think. Then 5 falafel balls with salad and pita, for about 500 calories at 8pm after my 2 midterms. A fiber bar for 130 calories at 8:30pm on the drive back to NJ. Whole grain cereal (300), peanuts (200) and berries (100), lil bit of pasta w/ sausage (200), veggie chips (130) while at home tonight. Total of 2,260 calories.

My tummy didn't hurt too much at all today, but it's starting to cramp up now, probs b/c it's stuffed senseless. As you can see, it's 4:18am right now and I'm up doing anything to keep myself busy and burn calories in my room. I've gotta go keep doing that..don't want to blow that 10.4lb loss!

Again, love you all ridicously for your support! And thanks Zette for the tip about eating solid foods for lunch instead of dinner, I'll do that when I start the final push to 120lbs on Monday!


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  1. At least your cals were pretty much all from healthy stuff, rather than junk.
    Good luck getting to 120!! xoxo