Sunday, March 20, 2011


Weekends are always a point of weakness for me. Social outings, parties, dinners..especially as the weather is getting nicer. There's always food, ice cream, high sugar alcoholic drinks available.

But I overcame this temptation this weekend. I stayed in my room Thursday (St. Patty's Day) and Friday night. Last night, I went out with my housemates to an afterparty for a concert downtown. I had 2 diet cokes with lemon. There was also free sushi and spring rolls available. I had none. I also danced my ass off for 3 hours, so I probs burned quite a bit, but I'm not including that in my outtake.

I'm trying so hard, and I'm going to keep all of this up until April 1st, then I can have my 2,000 calorie day off. I want to go home to see my parents the weekend of the 25th, after I finish my thesis. But I don't want my efforts to be wasted. I'll go home when I get to 124lbs.

I just hate my body so much..I'm working so hard, avoiding everyone, and I still feel so heavy. Granted I did get my period on Thursday, but my water pills still don't seem to be helping. Oh god I'm just so exhausted. 20s please come my way.

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