Friday, April 8, 2011

Temptation tonight

Well night is the Relay For Life Walk at my school. This is an event to rise money for cancer research and it lasts for 12hrs, 8pm to 8am. It's basically a lil campout, where participating groups set up shop to fund raise by selling delicious goodies. There's also a bunch of free food given by sponsors. I'm going with my co-ed community service fraternity and my housemates. I've gotta stay strong. I still don't know if I'm gonna stay the whole time, I want to, but I may lose it. Seriously going to carry my water bottle around with me all night.

Also, a new development in my diet: I've decided to add daily to my liquid days. It's got important calcium and protein. And it's filling, and if I'm not going to be eating until next Saturday morning, well I'm gonna need all the help I can get! I  just bought fat free Yoplait Light (110 calories each) and Fiber One yogurt, which is only 50 calories each. The Fiber Ones will be a great snack, while the bigger Yoplaits can serve as a meal. And I also got fat free Kefir. It helps with digestion and *TMI* I haven't gone #2 since Monday. So my colon needs a lil push. I even took 4 laxies yesterday and no dice! I've also heard of studies that calcium helps women lose weight. And when I was waiting in line for the cashier at the grocery store there was a skinny in front of me who was also buying Kefir. So I think this is a good route to go down!

ALSO I changed today to a liquid day so I can have energy to survive Relay. I may have another liquid day tomorrow too and start with water again on Sunday. So I just had a Yoplait Light yogurt, Boston cream pie flavor! Yummy yummy dude. I plan to have a Fiber One right before the event starts and then 2 cups of apple juice throughout the night. And LOTS of water!

Can't weight until Monday for my weigh-in. I hope to be in the mid 120s by then. I'm not going to the gym today because I'm going to be walking the whole time I'm at Relay (that's the whole point of it anyway, it's a cancer walk). Hoping to burn calories and distract myself from food. I've been really good about it though. Food doesn't really get to me anymore when I'm determined not to eat anything. The smell of it is enough to satisfy me or gross me out. One of my housemates just offered me cookies and I had no problem saying no. OH and the key phrase tonight is "My stomach hurts.." So when I'm offered food I have a legit excuse. ALSO I'm not bring any $money$ so I can't buy anything from the booths! I'll still have to stay away from the free food, but you have to get in line and wait for it and I will not degrade myself by standing idly in line to stuff myself. So I'm pretty sure I'll be good tonight!

Hope everything is going well with you all! And thanks for your comments, I REALLY love them! XO.

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