Saturday, April 9, 2011

Good News and Bad News

Good News: I didn't eat a thing at Relay last night. So much free food and people eating everywhere! One of my friends even held a cupcake up to my face and I said NO!

Bad News: I'm going to dinner with my housemates tonight at our favorite pizza place. We got a $200 gift certificate for raising a lot of my for cancer research. I'm getting a salad w/ tomatoes, red onions, calamata olives, artichoke hearts and balsamic vinaigrette. It is the healthiest thing I can get. I'll have the dressing on the side. I hate that I'm going to have fat from the olive oil...I really hope this doesn't destroy me progress. It really shouldn't. It's just veggies. Ah tomorrow is def gonna be a water fast.

As you can see...I've changed my weight goals. I'm going to aim for 125lbs for next weekend instead and 120lbs by the 27th. I figure that my body is don't losing as fast as it once did. I just don't feel that light. Also, if I kill myself to get to 120lbs by next weekend, I'll probably freak out along the way and binge for like 3 days and reverse all of my hard work. 125lbs is still awesome and a lot of my friends are saying that I've lost a lot of weight. I don't really care about how they see me, I want to be beautiful in my own eyes. But a solid 125 will make me happy. I've got less than 2 weeks to reach 120lbs from there, so there's still no time to slack off. But 5lbs in 2 weeks will keep my a bit more sane. I think I'm going to try the Yoplait Light diet after I reach 125. I really want to reincorporate protein, fruit and veggies. And some cereal...I miss the crunch! But still no fats like nuts and cheese and milk and oil. Well just a bit of olive oil.

OK so I'm thinking that my total intake today will be around 700 calories, I'm saying the salad is 350 calories and I've already had 340 calories worth of yogurt and Kefir so far after burning 500 at the gym. I WILL NOT HAVE BREAD TONIGHT! I've emailed myself a few thinspo pics so I can view them on my phone when I'm out. I did this so I could stay strong last night and I didn't even need them. But I may pop them open tonight..that evil bread basket. Why is it so inviting!? And everyone just wants to munch and munch on the bread, pass around the basket and the plate of olive oil. Bastards. AH! It's ok I can do this. If we go out later, only diet cokes...again. I'm really excited for 125lbs so I can start drinking again. I just hate the calories, but I'll probs sip from my wine glass, about 2oz?

Still haven't pooped...what the hell. It's truly gross to think that my veggie burger, pretzels, nutella and ice cream is still in there. Eww sorry that was too much info. Eh that was long, but I had a lot to say. XO.

It's currently 3:30am. I only had my salad and didn't touch ANY bread or wine! However, I went out with some of my girlfriends after dinner and we shared 2 Big Azz Margaritas from Mad Mex (a bar/restaurant in town) for ~250 calories. Then we went somewhere else and I had 1/2 a SoCo and lemonade for about ~50 calories I thing. Then we went somewhere else, danced around a lot, had an awesome time, then went home, where I had a diet chocolate for 25 calories. 

However, this comes out to 1,065 calories for the fucking day!!! Granted only ~400 of those were chewable food from the salad, but still! But good news is that I went to the bathroom! I'm not't sure if it's from the salad or the Kefir or the 2 laxies I took today, but I'm just happy some stuff is out of me. 

Currently chugging some water hoping to wash out all the damn sugar from the margaritas. I didn't even get drunk, maybe tipsy, but there wasn't much in my stomach...ah whatever. DEF water fasting tomorrow b/c I still have a muffin top when I wear my size 28 Diesel jeans. I love them and I really hate to have fat hanging over them! I pray they hit perfectly at 120lbs! Kk night night XO!

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  1. If you still aren't pooping and it gets uncomfortable, I highly suggest a salt water flush. It helps clean stuff out. It takes a little time and can be a little gross but it's good to get everything out. If you haven't done one, this is a helpful link. If you follow these directions, it will clean ya out!