Monday, April 11, 2011

And we are at...

127.8 lbs. A new record. I'm 2.8 lbs away from my goal of 125 by Saturday. But if I stay strong and continue to liquid fast until then, I could lose 1lb per day and get to 122 lbs on Saturday! Hmmm, I don't know. My body is realllly craving protein. That water fast yesterday really did a number on me. I exercised in the morning and then could barely move the rest of the day. Diet hot chocolate is a total life-saver though! I think I'll be in the 125.x range by Wednesday, so on Thursday I'd really like to have my chicken w/ rice, broccoli and eggplant. It's super healthy, but still around 500 calories. Damn rice...Maybe I'll just have a lean cuisine instead, I just need some chicken or fish! Maybe an omelette? Oh God, too much to think about right now.

I've just got to stay focused on my 500 cal limit for my liquid days right now. I've just had 2 Axelrod yogurts back-to-back. Yes, I was hungry. These new ones are 90 calories, instead of the 110 calorie Yoplaits. Also, there's 12g of sugar instead of 20g. Nice change. Still nonfat of course. For the rest of the day, I plan to have 1 more Axelrod and 1 cup of Kefir (200 calories! but it helps with digestion). Then to the damn gym...again. Sooo sick of it! Gonna try to burn 500 calories again, so I'll come out with a net total of 0 calories.

Everyone, please take your calcium intake seriously. If 90 calories per yogurt is too much for you, then diet hot chocolate is great because it's only 20-25 calories and each packet have 35% DV of calcium. Alright, let's keep truckin'! XO.

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  1. What diet hot cocoa do you have? I drink the Nestle one at night, but I didn't notice if it had calcium...

    Congrats on 127.8!!