Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The munchies

Why do I always do this? Once I get to my lowest point I feel the need to start eating again. Healthy eating, but eating nonetheless, about 1k calories. Today was 2k calories! But, I also burned 2k calories at the gym. I WENT TO THE GYM 3 TIMES TODAY! The 1st time at 11am I burned 500 calories from the treadmill and cross ski machine. The 2nd time at 7:30pm I burned 700 calories from the stair master. The 3rd time at 10pm I burned 800 calories from the treadmill and stair master (I had a meeting in between the 2nd and 3rd times). OMG dudes. But I wasn't totally wiped out because I had a lost of calories (what normal people also call energy) in my fat ass. You can check my intake journal to see everything I ate, like bran cereal, lean pockets, Amy's rice bowl, a Trader Joe's burrito, peanuts and yogurt. All healthy and under 300 calories per serving foods, but I kind of ate them all in nearly one sitting. Once I start munching I just can't stop.

But I've got to face the facts now. If I want to get to 125lbs by Saturday, and hoping that I'm still in the 120s tomorrow (after the exercise and 9 fucking laxies I just took), I'm going to have to liquid fast (no yogurt!) tomorrow and Thursday. I was 129 this morning after eating 1,120 calories on Monday. I pray I'm still there...or less! It really all depends on me going to the damn bathroom! I swear there's something stuck in my fucking colon. I'm drinking Senna leaf tea now and that always gives me some results.

So besides all that bad news, there's something positive! To distract myself from food (a method that totally failed btw b/c I didn't to go to burn 1,500 calories afterward) I went shopping down in Center City. I went to H&M and wanted to get myself some smaller sized clothes that I can use as motivation. I got a US size 4 jean shorts, a size small tank and a size small cropped shirt. So cute! I was scared to see how far away I was from fitting them, but I just tried them all on and they fit so nicely! The shorts are great! I just need to tighten up the abs, lil muffiny in the front. But I'm going to start weight training next weekend, after I'm securely 125lbs. I really need to tighten up my arms too! 

ALRIGHT so...tomorrow is going to be a organic filtered apple juice and water fast. Thursday is going to be a fruit and veggie day, max of 400 calories. 125lbs!!! SO CLOSE CIERRA DON'T BLOW IT NOW!!! XO!

Aye Ell - Thanks for the tip about the salt water flush. I've done it and its pretty painful, and I don't want to do it now b/c I'm not home where I have my own bathroom, I'm sharing a house with 7 other girls! So I unfortunately don't have all day to sit on the toilet. I find Senna leaf tea has the same results but it just takes overnight to kick in.

To Mich - Yep I drink the Nestle diet hot chocolate too, its 35% DV calcium!


  1. Oh my gosh!!! I cannot believe you worked out so hard all in one day!! amazing.

    I bought myself some low cal hot chocolate on your advice as well. Burnt my tongue I was so excited to try some it smelt so good.


  2. Yikes! I can see how it would be difficult to have the bathroom to yourself for a while. Haha.

  3. Ahh, this is an inspirational post! I've been hitting the gym a lot lately too and it REALLY helps!!! Good job lady.