Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Firstly, HELLO TO MY 21 FOLLOWERS! That's so cool, my number of followers matches my age!

Secondly, 127.6 this morning! So it's true, exercise and laxies do work! And those laxies woke me up in the middle of the night...enough said! I think the real difference maker was that I had a 1,500 calorie outtake with only 100 calorie intake of some bran cereal at the end of the day. I should probably start exercising at night then..or morning and night, hmmm.

Well, obviously I could NOT bring myself to go to the gym again this morning. I think the security guards at the desk would start to become suspicious! Instead I went for a 3 hour walk in Center City, looking at clothes, restaurants, Macy's, and (God knows why) Reading Terminal Market. For those who don't know, this is a historic marketplace in downtown Philadelphia. All sorts of cuisines, foods, and treats. Yet for some reason I had no desire to eat anything, I didn't even feel hungry. I just looked at the type of people who were eating the food and I was at ease. Of course, a lot of them were overweight, and I want nothing to do with that.

Tonight I'm going to a bar with my friends for Quizzo, which I'm excited about b/c I love Quizzo! But this bar has yummy food, well just about anything would seem yummy to me right now. I'm also a lil nervous about drinking anything. I think I'll just nurse a light beer all night. I'll hold on to the glass if someone orders fries for the table. Or I'll just sit on my hands...Gonna wear my Diesel jeans, the size 28s. They squeeze discipline into me ahahaha! I'm going to start drinking hard again probably tomorrow night, it's Spring Fling week here at my school, which means drunkness craziness will ensue, and I want to be a part of it! I got a 375ml bottle of plain Ciroc vodka, 56 calories per shot. Not too bad, but I really hope not to get the drunken munchies. I wonder how I'll look running on the treadmill hungover...HAHA!

Seriously need to add crunches to my regime! Abs gotta be tight in those size 4 shorts :D Juicing for the day, 126.x tomorrow please! Alright relaxing and watching Food Network now (why do I do this?!) XO!! AND THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SWEET COMMENTS!

SUCCESS! Didn't touch the chicken tenders or cheese fries my housemates ordered. Only had 1/2 of a hot toddy (Irish whiskey w/ sugar and spices) and 1 diet coke. It took some serious willpower, but I've trained myself to use the smell of the food as a means of satisfying my hunger. Smelling it is like eating it...without the calories. BUT, I got my fucking period, like clockwork dude. I feel really heavy, but I didn't eat anything today. Ugh I really hope this doesn't mess me up. I've just got to be 126.x tomorrow morning. Taking 5 water pills now and working out tomorrow morning. Definitely doing a pre and post workout weigh in!


  1. youre doing well, dear. good job! (: have fun tonight, and tomorrow. (yay alcohol!) i need to start doing more crunches too...
    thank you for your comment, it really did make me smile. <3

  2. Hey good luck to you! And you are making me miss Philly! I just moved from Allentown to the Midwest and it totally sucks here. I liked being not too far from mountains, ocean and plenty of city! (Philly or NYC)
    I always like the Reading Terminal Market. :)