Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit. Still on the damn Vineyard. Yea it's great but I literally do nothing. I've gotten lazy too, not much cardio going on. It's getting hotter and more crowded up here b/c the summer's here now. And you know I hate being in public. Yea I know...excuses, excuses. We leave on Wednesday. My spin bike is waiting for me back in NJ! I've been eating a bit more carbs then I would like to, so I'm ready to get on it. My Mom keeps buying fresh baguette every damn morning! Not much fat tho, which is good. Lots of fruit, some bread, Kashi Lean cereal and some protein at dinner. My parents have annoyed me so I'm abstaining from dinner..tacos. All we talk about is what's for dinner the next day...I need to get out of here! But I must say I'm doing a lot better than I've done in the past. Back when I was in the 150s I would have probably digested 3 full pies by now. I'm not kidding. I'd bike ride a lot, but still. I was fat, I am fat. I just want to go home and eat my own food.

I push down to touch my hipbones, and they're buried under a good inch of fat. Ugh. I think I'll take some pilates classes when I get back home too. Besides weight struggles, I'm studying for the GRE and I took my first practice diagnostic yesterday. I swear the test is simply designed to wear you down. It's sooo long! I'm taking an online Kaplan program and my test date is 9/8, so I've got to get on it! This is just the beginning of my life I guess...

To Thin_Envy, the diet pills I'm taking are called Phen Tabz. It's something I got offline and they're marketed as the Rx free version of Phentermine. I haven't died yet, so yay! They are keeping my hunger at bay, and no nausea. I'm excited to really put them to the test with some real restricting once I get home.

To Mich, awesome idea about putting the Graduates in another box! I could have used that when I was living in the house with the girls, I just stashed them in my room haha. Now that I have my own place I can munch on them in peace!

To Adeline, I hope to be sweating my butt off like you soon! Great job!


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  1. What vineyard are you in? I think you mentioned it in an older post, but I am forgetful.... Sounds like you're having a nice time, though! Even with the dinner discussions. That drove me nuts when I was down the shore with mum and sis last year--we spent the whole day talking about what we should do for dinner. :/