Thursday, June 16, 2011

Both my body and scale are broken

*slight TMI alert*

Nothing seems to be working. My body is working against me. I woke up super bloated this morning, to discover that my period had started again. Say what?! No idea why I'm having breakthru bleeding right now. Usually if this happens it's because I'm doing something stupid to myself, like fasting or taking diet pills. But now I've been eating enough (well..I think it's enough) and no crazy pills anymore. I'm totally confused. And to top it off, my scale is majorly fucked up. Not only did it say that I'm up to 134.4 this morning, after a net of 300 calories for the day, but it also shows no change in my weight if I'm on it with or without clothes on. That's retarded. If you can't tell I'm kinda pissed.

Well on to other things..courtesy of Adeline's love of leeks and my curiosity, I've decided to make a leek soup that I will be detoxing on until I'm 125. There's only 50 calories per cup, and it's delicious! After playing with the recipe a bit, I finally got it right. The recipe is under the "Recipes" tab, if you're interested. It's the roasted garlic that makes it awesome! With the restrictions I've set on myself with this detox, I shouldn't go over 670 a day. I will still be spinning off at least half of my intake too.

My Dad comes home tomorrow around 6pm, so if my scale is correct and my period doesn't go away, I don't think I'll hit the 120s by tomorrow. That sucks. I also haven't pooped in 3 days, and I've been taking my senna leaf tea at night. Weight needs to come off of me one way or another!

This body's broken, I want a new one.


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