Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So mental..I ate 1,000 calories worth of plain cheerios today. My reasoning was that if I want crunchy carbs, that's just all I'll eat today. What?! My mind is fucked. Well..we start again tomorrow. I took a 2 day break from spinning. Now that my Dad is gone until Friday, and my Mom is trying this diet, I can really restrict w/o distraction. Sub-600 for the rest of this week and light spinning too. I really want to get to the 120s before my Dad comes back home. Maybe I'll stop being so sad and anti-social then. My Dad's my best buddy, but I can't hang out with him as much b/c one of our fav things to do together is eat. And well, I can't really do that. It's sad. I'm just by myself all the time now. XO.


  1. You are so incredibly fortunate to be friends with your father, make the most of it sweety xx

  2. i understand what you mean. i have to avoid the friend/family i eat with just to get away with it. good luck getting into the 120s. <3