Friday, June 24, 2011

I've been eating and not exercising it off. I haven't felt hungry at all this whole week. I just give in to each and every craving that pops into my head. When I binge at night, while my parents are upstairs sleeping, I eat about 10 different things within an hour. I have such a problem with binging, if you give me a nibble I'll eat everything in sight. The last solution to this problem was simply exercising all of my calories off on the spin bike. But I've grown a bit tired of the monotony of that. I want to do something fun for exercise, like volleyball or tennis, some sort of sport or game. But most importantly I need to stop eating sooo damn much!

Also..I need to set a deadline. I know..I hate deadlines. But I've lost my mojo. So the goal is to be 125 by July 15th, which is the day that I'm moving down to Princeton. EXCITEMENT! I haven't weighed myself, too embarrassed. But I KNOW I'm not over 140. I guessing 136? I'm too scared to jump on the scale tomorrow. Thus, about 11 lbs to lose in 3 weeks. I'm aiming for 4 lbs per week via my soup diet. On this diet based on veggie soup, lean protein, fruit and some whole grains, I WILL break thru this plateau! I just need to be busy again. I'm literally doing nothing! Sims, GRE studying, and eating. Blah.

Also, HELLO to my new followers! I'm here for you all, I promise! Just going thru a rough patch. XO.

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