Friday, July 1, 2011

Doing OK

It's been a week since I've posted last and I've lost 3lbs. I was 138 last Friday, a solid 135 for the past 3 days now. This is with eating about 1,200 calories per day. Quite bad, I know. But..i don't' know. I've been cooking for my parents lately. Cooking the food and knowing what's going into it is better than trusting someone else to make it for you while you're not looking. It's been delicious and healthy food. Dinner and dessert. Bad for me, very good for my daddy. He has a serious sweet tooth, and usually gets some ridiculously sugar and fat-laden dessert, like bread pudding. So I've been making him healthy alternatives. These past 3 days I've made sweet potato bread pudding, lemon-ginger frozen yogurt, and ginger ricotta cheesecake with kiwi for dessert. Quite awesome, and seriously less than 300 calories per serving. But I'm also eating them. Damn. Maintaining, not losing.

I think I've done a bit better today. I'm foregoing my late night snack of air-popped popcorn tonight, hopefully allowing myself to break into the 134s tomorrow. ALSO, good news! I'm officially and confidentially a size 4! This makes me a bit less depressed. I got some new work clothes with my dad at Anthropologie yesterday, and I got 8 pieces. All shirts were size small, pants were size 4, and dresses were size 4. Haazah :) Next...size 2! I don't think I want to be size 0. Sorry if that disappoints some of you, but I like my boobs ladies.

I'll post again on Monday to wish you all a happy 4th! Keep it up everyone, just imagine yourself in a bikini at your goal weight! XO.

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  1. You remind me so much of myself that I couldn't help but fall in love with this blog. All of our stats are the same except you've achieved a bit more than me. :] looking forward to following~