Saturday, July 23, 2011

do you know?

My parents seem to know about my problem. I was whining over my new lil Buddha belly yesterday while we were in the car. Of course they were consoling me, saying I wasn't fat at all. I sit in the back with my headphones on, but I had my music paused for a bit when I overheard my mom saying to my dad "once she gets into her apartment she'll just starve herself for a few week and start feeling happier. You know how she does." Alright then...just leave me to my business. I officially start sleeping in my new apartment in Princeton on the 28th. Raw veggie diet for 7 whole days. I'm already acclimating myself by only eating cooked food for breakfast and dinner. Everything else is raw veggies for snacks. Keep it going my loves. XO.

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