Thursday, August 11, 2011

Broke a bit

Broke pretty bad today. Parents came down for a lil day visit and we got lunch. It hurts me to say that I was kinda looking forward to it. My binge-eating side took over. It actually wasn't horrible, but I could have showed more control. My parents even apologized that their company forces me to eat. It's my fault, not theirs. Well I burned 1,250 calories on the spin bike and with the hula hoop. Still not even though, I'm pretty sure my entire meal: appetizers + 1/2 grilled chicken sandwich + strawberry shortcake dessert shared w/ my Mom = ~2,000 calories. But instead of focusing on burning more now, I'm focusing on trying to go to the bathroom. Sorry for this, but I really should go today after eating so much. Even after the three colonics I had my colon is still really weak after abusing it with all that senna leaf tea. So I'm going to drink some zucchini, carrot and apple juice now to help move things along.

Also, new discovery, my spin bike's calorie counter is definitely off. Today I wore a heart rate and calorie tracker watch that my Dad gave me, and it recorded about 150 less calories than the spin bike! At least I caught this problem. Now my recordings will be more accurate.

No worries, I'll be back on track tomorrow. I probs won't get to my goal of 127.6 by Monday, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna quit. That's just a lil checkpoint anyway. Hope to be there by the 19th. Wish me luck, I'm going to be juicing full on until then. I just love my blender :) XO.

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