Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Liquids and Disney :)

It's been a nice two days of liquids so far. Green smoothies and soups all the way! And of course, the occasional iced coffee :) I LOVE my Vitamix, I feel so creative with my meals! Numbers are moving, but I don't want to bother posting them and then jinx myself. Yes, I'm superstitious. Updates with be in the stats sidebar. I just finished off my day by watching Beauty and the Beast on Disney Channel while finishing off my bottle of prosecco. Yes, nice day indeed.

I have a new rule that I'd like to follow until I'm 120. I can't go to sleep if my weight is more than 2lb higher than what it was in the morning. So, if I was "x" lbs this morning, I can't be more than "x + 2" lbs before bed. If I'm more than that, it's time to hit the spin bike. GO GO GO! Once I am thin, I'll be free and happy. XO.

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