Monday, August 8, 2011

Gots a Vitamix today.

...from Bed Bath & Beyond. It's hella expensive. No, I am not rich. Yes, I am resourceful and used multiple gift cards and coupons for my purchase.

I'm super pumped. My old blender broke and I just love to cook, so this should be fun. Thanks to this awesome, super-powered blender (that also functions as a juicer, ice cream, everything-maker), I'm going to do a lil liquid fast until Thursday afternoon (when my parents come for a visit). WARNING: this is a healthy liquid fast, full of veggies and fruits, no meat, lil dairy. With this blender you can add the WHOLE veggie or fruit to it, so you'll get all the nutrients of the produce. With a juicer, you're just getting the liquid and throwing out all the vitamin-rich pulp and skin.

I'm excited. Hopefully this liquid thing will help me out b/c the weight loss has been slowww with my 600-700 cal restrictions, even though I don't eat any carbs! Maybe it's the sodium in meat? Oh and my period's still going. Idk, no stress, just enjoy feeling empty. XO.

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