Friday, August 19, 2011

Mommy's retirement

My Mom retired from her job today. 27 years of servitude! Well I'm back home for the weekend, so we went to dinner. Wasn't horrible, but obviously wasn't great. And my parents keep looking at me for extended periods of time and say, "your face is so small, how much more weight do you want to lose?!" Now you and I do know, even in a non-disordered view, I'm not "skinny." So it pisses me off a bit when they ask me that. But in retrospect, my parents aren't skinny people. They're both clearly overweight, my Dad more so than my Mom. They just don't understand it. I'll tell them "I'm just not happy with my weight, I don't want to talk about it," and my Mom will say, "Ok just do what you have to do then, honey." Odd, we're odd people.

Well, weight this morning was 134.6. No big difference so I don't even feel like changing it on my sidebar. I hope to have a nicer number for you all soon. I shouldn't be eating as much for the rest of my visit home. And I went to Trader Joe's and got the frozen fruit for my smoothie, so I'll be having that here too. You know how we love our routines!

So off to watch preseason football with the padres. Love you all and thanks for your comments! XO.

P.S. Colie I'll get back to your email soon, sorry!! :)


  1. No worries love :P.

    And I know the feeling. My family is full of overweight people and I'm starting to think they forgot what skinny vs. average looks like.

    Cheers :].

  2. Oh those routines!! They drive me nuts, and at the same time it's like a security blanket.

    Congrats to your mom!! That's awesome. Especially since our generation will probably never get to retire.... ;)


  3. Even a small loss is a loss!

    I LOVE TJs! Where I am moving, there will be one very close by. Do you get the frozen mango? It is so good in smoothies or just as a treat :)