Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Simply busy and anxious

Sorry I haven't blogged, read, or commented! Just keeping you updated:

I have my FIRST day of work this coming Monday. I'm freaking out, my tummy hurts, I'm breaking out a bit. Also, have to take the GRE on the 8th. I am literally studying my ass off! I want to take 4 more practice tests and more quizzes by the last day of August so that I can have a week to relax and review before the test. My life is about to start. Will I be skinny for it. No. Will I be slim, confident, and happy. Yes.

I've been doing well restricting, especially since I'm still home. My mom is getting the small cancerous tumor taken out of her breast on Thursday and I want to be here for her. I don't know my weight b/c I left my scale at my apartment. Just going on how I feel.

I will reach my 115 goal, but that's not the center of my universe right now. In 3 weeks, after the pre-work jitters are all out and the test is over, I can refocus my efforts. Hope you all are doing well! XO.

P.S. I fit a size 2 pants from Express (gotta get work clothes)! They're snug, but I'm certain that they'll be perfect by 125lbs. And that's 10lbs above my goal! Maybe size 2 isn't small enough for my height and body shape, b/c I don't think I look like a size 2. We shall see...

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  1. I hope your first day was spectacular :].