Saturday, September 24, 2011

Take the GRE --- check!

Finally done, it's off my chest. Since it's the new GRE and they just started using it, they give a 100pt range for each section, so I don't know my exact score. BUT..the range was good! So whatever..the scores are good for 5 years, my parents are happy, I can be left alone.

Kinda had a huge football player sized breakfast with my Dad after the test. Things are...not going as planned. But I don't really have anything planned. That's probably why I'm unmotivated. But I want everyone at my new job to like me. I'm sure they do...but whenever I feel that someone isn't being extremely, painfully nice to me, I feel it's because I'm a fat ass. They'd like me more if I was skinnier, prettier.

I've started taking the ECA stack (ephedra, caffeine, aspirin). It's great for fat loss, used primarily among bodybuilders and athletes. I am an athlete, I just eat like one too. Exercise at my new gym is great and I'm going to start taking boxing classes and body pump (an aerobic weight class) twice a week, along with my running and such.

Clothes still feel the same, not tighter but not looser. I just need to focus and keep food out of my apartment. After 9 hours at work, I literally come home and eat 5 different things for dinner. THIS needs to stop. I know I can get a solid 2 pounds a week without that.

I will be 120lbs by New Years. I will not go another year hating my body. I just need to hold myself accountable more. It'll happen. XO.


  1. I've kinda been shooting from the hip when it comes to dieting too. No real plan makes things difficult. I really need a plan... And good job with the GRE and scoring in a good range.

  2. Oh la la! Seems like you have things figured out.

    Bonne chance ;].


  3. Congrats on finishing the GRE's! I'm impressed. They terrify me--one of the reasons I've been dragging my feet with going to grad school. :/

    I figure if you balance the right workouts with your food, you can still lose weight. And you'll be losing real weight too, which makes it easier to keep off. :)