Thursday, December 1, 2011

More on my new diet

There was a request for a bit more information on the Genotype Diet, so here we go!
Check out this website btw:

The diet is based on the study that tailoring your diet and lifestyle to "GenoTypes" is the most effective means to achieve optimum health and weight loss. Using family history and blood type, as well as simple diagnostic tools like fingerprint analysis and measurement of jaw angle, Dr. D'Adamo shows you how to map out your genetic makeup to discover which of the six GenoType plans is right for you. The six Genotypes are Hunter, Gather, Teacher, Explorer, Warrior, and Nomad.

This is a lil blurb about my Genotype from the website:

GenoType 2 The Gatherer
Full-figured, even when not overweight, the Gatherer struggles with body image in a culture where thin is "in." An unsuccessful crash dieter with a host of metabolic challenges, the Gatherer becomes a glowing example of health when properly nourished. 

That really explains me. I still believe I have the ability to look un-fullfigured though. As a Gather, I have certain superfoods (which you can see on the sidebar) and foods I should avoid. Wheat and dairy are not good for me, but ricotta and farmer's cheese is ok. I can use millet, brown rice and oat bran flours for my carbs. It's a pretty comprehensive diet. It took me awhile to digest it all. Basically there are "beneficial", "neutral", and "avoid" foods. The diet also recommends exercises that are best for you. Pilates is actually considered "rigorous" for by type! Gotta start going to those mat pilates classes at the gym...

I started following the diet fully on Monday and I feeling really good about it. I've also added a spirulina and goji berry shake to my morning routine before the gym and it's giving me great energy. 

But onto social events...

My company is having their annual holiday party Dec 10th. It's like the biggest fucking event ever to these people. Everyone's so excited to get decked out, pig out, and fall out from too much alcohol. Whatever..I need to hot decent. My fat ass needs to shift it into high gear. I just base all of my social interactions on my weight. If I feel like a person doesn't like me that much, I feel it's because of my weight. The smaller I am, the more appealing I'll be to people. 
I'm also going to a planned dinner with my management coworkers on Dec 8th...I'm nervous. I really don't click with these people. They're are around my age and I just feel like I'm back in school with the bitchy, preppy kids. It's not a good feeling. I just want to be liked.

I have a tumbler now, btw. I feel like a cool kid:

Love y'all and thanks for caring. XO.  



  1. Let us know how that diet works! A friend of mine had a bunch of the kits from that book (I think her dad works for the publisher or PR people or something...). Apparently I'm a warrior. :/

    Hope the holidays dinners and things go well. <3


  2. ...and tumblr won't let me follow you. SAD FACE