Monday, January 9, 2012

I know what my problem is

I'm a binge eater. Not really in the sense of eating 5,000 calories in one hitting (though I can definitely do that), but in the sense that I will eat 4-5 different foods in the span on an hour or less. For example: after a day at work, I come back to my apartment and will start with a bowl of gluten-free cereal with almond milk first and decide what I want to eat for dinner, even though there never is much choice. I may eat another bowl of cereal, while my popcorn is air-popping. I eat my popcorn, sit for a second, then pop in an Amy's frozen dinner. That's done in 5 minutes, and then I eat that. After that, I'll want a grapefruit or another bowl of cereal.

It's crazy! What I need to do is plan on eating one thing, eat it, then sit and fucking digest! I just finished eating my popcorn, I didn't have any cereal. I am going to finish up another MBA app, look at some thinspo, digest, and watch the LSU/Alabama football game. And drink lots of water!

I haven't weighed myself yet, I think I'll try on Friday...nervous! Still need to exercise, my spin bike is starring at me. Maybe tomorrow morning? Actually..maybe. I think I'll try to just roll out of bed and go for a run outside. The whole deal of planning for the gym - the clothes, shoes, lunch (I go start to work) - is kinda stressful. I love the equipment and the classes, but I need to just start somewhere. Yes, YES I will go for a run outside tomorrow morning!

XO my lovelies! Hope everything is well with you all :)

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