Wednesday, February 22, 2012

i've missed this feeling

3 major changes have happened:
  1. stopped taking birth control after 5 years on it
  2. started taking OxyElite pro diet pills 1-2 twice to curb my appetite
  3. started restricting to 800 calories or less a day
Cold turkey. All of that happened on Monday, out of nowhere. I don't want to get too ahead of myself and get you all excited. But I wanted to let you know what's up. I weigh myself every Friday now. Last Friday I was 150.6. I know. But I hope to be better this Friday. Trying to workout as much as possible without overexerting myself and getting hungry. I want to know how to control my eating instead of focusing on burning off all the awful food I've eaten. The diet pill is really helping to control my eating. I only need to take 1 at 10am and I won't be hungry even after I get home after work. I had half of a baked sweet potato w/ boiled kale and spinach for dinner and I feel good.

In other news, I got an interview for my first choice business school, so that's good. Just have to get my body together. please please please, don't fuck up again. I want everything to be perfect.


1 comment:

  1. life sounds good, babe!
    you'll be down, down, down in no time at all. and i'm gonna be so fucking jealous.
    i still am so fucking jealous because 150.6 is currently one of the lowest weights i've seen on the scale for me.
    -Sam Lupin