Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2nd day

This is for 10/26/10, but my house's internet went out. So I ate 590 out of my 700 allotted calories: 3 whole wheat crackers (20?) Greek yogurt (140), Amy's Organics mexican tamale pie (150), 1 slice Ezekiel bread w/ Amy's Organics California veggie burger and sundried tomato tapenade (280). Totally didn't follow my plan, I know. I also worked out yesterday on the treadmill and stairmaster and burned 535 calories. So had a net 55 calories. I didn't feel to hungry yesterday either so that's nice. Hopefully going to go get a scale today so I can see my progress. I believe I was at 155 when I started 2 days ago so I hope I'm 153 now. I don't feel too different, my belly is still huge and thighs and arms still too thick, but I'm sure it's gonna take awhile until I start seeing a huge difference. Maybe 2 more weeks. Got my period, so we'll see how that affects me! I'll post later about what I ate today, probably no time for exercise today tho.

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