Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First day success!

Binged a bit last night for no real reason, maybe because it was my last day of normalcy: sliver of lemon cake made by one of my housemates, mini blueberry muffin made by one of my housemates, slice of bread with goat cheese spread, and bowl of spicy ramen. Totally stuffed at bedtime!!!

But today was pretty good! Strawberry greek yogurt (140) at 10am, Orville Redenbacher 94% fat free popcorn (240) at 5pm, Juice box (70) at 5pm, Nectarine (65) at 10pm. Total of 515 calories. No exercise today tho :( I had two midterms today and Chinese homework today so really busy and really tired after classes. Oh and I totally didn't eat the chocolate chip cookies my housemate made tonight when I came home! YAY! I've also discovered that pomegranate white tea is my new best friend.

Seeing friends I haven't seen in awhile just spurs me on to get this perfect body. I want everyone to see the new me.

Plan for tomorrow: Cream of wheat (8am), apple w/ fat free cottage cheese (2pm), steamed vegetables w/ salt and slice of bread (6pm), apple (10pm)
lots of tea and water throughout

Hopefully I'm not eating too much, but I wanna start slow and keep my metabolism up by eating nutrient-high foods with protein and fiber.

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