Wednesday, November 10, 2010

1st juice day is a success

Alright! Completed my juice fast w/ grapefruit juice and water (135) and 2 cups of plum nectar (260). About 4 extra cups of water throughout the day. Total of 395 calories. Again, no exercise..

Random note: I got kinda hungry around 5pm when I got home and to keep myself under control, I started looking up pictures of food online. Is that weird? I think it did the treat though. Seriously, I looked at nachos and pictures of for about 1 hour. I also think it's funny that I have tabs open in my browser for pro-ana blogs and food pics. Those two def don't go together.

Well tomorrow I think I'll start off popcorn for 240 calories at 8am. I've been craving salty food all day today! Then around 2:30pm I'll have a Campbell's soup in hand for 70 calories. I'll see how I feel after that.

Still gots homework so I'll post tomorrow after my weigh-in! Hopefully 149.5 max.

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