Wednesday, November 10, 2010


149.6 this morning!!! YAY!! I'm in the 40s! I'm happy that my 700 calorie day yesterday didn't actually increase my weight, since I got to 150.2 after a day of only 180 calories. Yesterday I ate:
Breakfast: TR oatmeal w/ cinnamon (150)
Snack/Lunch: 1 Snack Pack (180)
Dinner: Amy's brown rice teriyaki tofu bowl (290)
Dessert: Green apple w/ cinnamon (90)
Total: 710 calories

So I'm allowed to eat! I hope to lose half a pound a day. I'm officially changing my Thanksgiving goal to 143lbs from 145lbs. I that also give my more leeway for when I stuff myself that day. Because I'm gonna be real: I am NOT restricting on Thanksgiving. I'm going to eat, not to the point of being in pain though, b/c I've been in physical pain the past few times. But I wait 364 days to go to this family friend's house to eat her delicious soul food, and I'm gonna love it!

Started my juice fast two w/ 1.5 cup of grapefruit juice (135) to 2 cups of water. Hope that will last until 5pm today, since that's when I have class until. Still haven't worked out in the last 5-6 days :/
Oh wow, tummy is growling intensely right now! Not feeling hungry tho which is nice. But I do still think of food a lot, especially late at night. Vegetarian nachos from this fancy mexican restaurant down the street, glazed donuts from Wawa, egg and cheese crossiants from Dunkin's bad. I can't lie, it's not like I not like food. I freakin' love food! I think I love it too much tho. *Sigh* Well being skinny is def more desirable than eating food.

I think I need a more defined thinspiration to motivate me. The dude that I liked is pretty much out of the picture, and I like never see him. But there is this guy in one of my extracurricular clubs that I think is cool. I see him every Tuesday, so maybe a push to always lose 3-4 lbs. a week and be skinnier every Tuesday is a nice push. Getting into my black size 28 Diesel jeans comfortably (like no muffin top!) is my ultimate goal right now tho. And I think when I'm 130 pounds that when that will happen. In the end, I would like to float in btwn 125 and 130. I have to see how I look that small tho, b/c I've haven't been that low since like 6th grade.

Ok gotta go to my next class. I'll post later today on how my juice fast went! I CAN DO IT!

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