Thursday, November 11, 2010

Juice days are a keeper!

148.8lbs this morning!! :D :D Well I actually wasn't able to weigh myself as soon as I woke up and peed. I procrastinate too much and had to finish an assignment this morning so I didn't even have time to pee! So I biked to class and ate a snack pack during that time. Now I have a lil break until my next class and I just weighed myself. I did go to the bathroom before had tho, #1 and #2 ;) So feeling light and dandy! I'm gonna head to the gym right after my class gets out at 2:30, finally! Probably gonna burn 500 calories with cardio. Then I'll have a 280 calorie frozen dinner when I get back home for lunch. Oh and I'm drinking 1/2 cup grapefruit juice w/ water right now and that's 45 calories. I may be going to a bar tonight with my housemates, so I need to find drinks that don't pack a lot of calories and limit my intake to 2 drinks. And no pizza on the way back home! Ok I'll post later!

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