Friday, November 12, 2010


A solid 148.0 this morning! And it's a juice day so I hope to be 147 tomorrow. I hope I can stick to my juicing today, weekends can be a little shaky..I think I may make this a liquid day so I can have some soup too. The Campbell's chicken and stars soup-at-hand is only 70 calories. Still having this salt craving. Oh last night I went a little over 700 calories:
Breakfast: snack pack (180)
Snack: 1/2 cup grapefruit juice w/ water
Lunch: lite lasagna (280)
Dinner: popcorn (240)
Dessert: no sugar added rice pudding (70 and Delicious!)
Total: 815 calories
But I'm sorry, that rice pudding was so worthy it!
I've been planning a party for my frat at school (it's co-ed so it's still called a frat) and I've got a bunch of alcohol for tomorrow. Good news is that I probably won't drink too much since I'm running it, and b/c I haven't been eating a lot I'll probs get drunk off of only one drink! My housemate's sister is coming to visit tomorrow and she wants to go out to dinner at our fav pizza spot..what do i do?! If I get a salad they'll so be on to me. And we're all fat asses together so no one's gonna want to share a pizza. They're individual sized btw. I just looked at the website and a low-fat cheese, grilled veggie pie looks ok if i have to go. Probably around 600 calories though, so I probably won't eat the whole day until then. Saturday is supposed to be my "off-day" though. Maybe I'll let myself have 1,000 calories that day. I may juice fast and have an apple for fiber before dinner. Ahh sitting alone in my room again trying to avoid being in the kitchen and hanging with my roommates. If I'm in the kitchen for more than 2 minutes I'm gonna eat something. Just gonna stay motivated and think about being 143 pounds for Thanksgiving :)

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