Tuesday, November 30, 2010

getting back into it

Successfully ate only 550 calories yesterday. It's nice to feel hungry again :) Had 2 cups pomegranate arils throughout the day for breakfast and lunch for 240 calories, 1 mini bag popcorn at 5:30pm for 100 calories, Special K bar for 90 calories at 7pm and Progresso light Zesty Southwestern soup for 120 at 8:30pm.
Today's plan:
B: 100-pack almonds (100) at 10:30am
L: Special K bar (90) at 1:00pm
S: 1 mini bag popcorn (100) at 5pm
D: 1 can Campbell's lean meat soup (220) at 8pm
S: 1 green apple w/ cinnamon (80) at 10pm
Total 590 calories
Not worrying about the calorie range, it's usually gonna end up btwn 550-600. Trying not to stress. But I'm not weighing myself in the morning, sorry. I really don't feel like starting my day off with tears. Weigh in on Friday morning. Sorry this is short and bland but I'm feeling pretty blah today..


  1. I know this is probably not the appropriate place to put this at but here it goes anyways lol

    Thank you SO much for the support! It kind of made ME tear up reading your comment. But really, thank you :)

  2. Keep it up honey. You will get there in the end. Here's looking at you.