Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yay December!

Happy Winter!! Ah so close until the end of this horrible semester. So close to having 1 more semester of college...holy shit!

Yesterday was pretty good:
B: 100-pack almonds at 10:30am
L: Special K bar, 90 at 2:30pm
S: green apple w/ cinnamon, 90 at 6pm
S: 1 large cup Yuenglig, 150 at 10:30pm
D: Amy's Mexican tamale pie (150), Mini raviolis (190) at 1:00am
Total: 770 calories
But I burned 600 calories at the gym. I ran for 45 straight minutes! So 170 net calories yesterday.

Today so far I've had:
B: 100-pack almonds at 12pm
L: Sprite zero at 2pm
S: 1 bag popcorn, 240, and few bites of brownie, 50, at 5pm
D: Lean Cuisine honey dijon chicken dinner, 180, at 6pm
So 570 so far. But I've got a lot of work to do tonight so I may eat more :/

Still look totally fat, and still don't know my weight. But those Elizabeth and James pants that I wore last Wednesday still fit well, and I was 142 that day. For further inspiration, I brought those size 28 black Diesel jeans back to school with me. I plan to fit into them by next Friday. Also added a daily calorie intake column in my sidebar for this month and I plan to do that for each month so I can have a quick reference to have I've been doing. I've committed myself to reaching 130 by next Friday w/ ChubbiCupcake! Hopefully when I weigh myself on Friday I won't be that far away from it..I just want this so bad guys. Keep it up!

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  1. Good luck! I know you can do it!

    Shit, I wish I could weigh 130 by next friday...that's like 50 lbs that I would have to lose though lol.