Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Strategy

I've got a new plan, b/c the old one was self-destructive. I would fast fine, but then on my day to eat I would freak out. Well ok compared to my old habit, my eating days definitely weren't a freak out. But for this new lifestyle, this is no bueno! So now instead of liquid fasting one day and eating, supposedly, 700 calories the next day, I'm going back to simple 700 calories max a day and LOTS of liquids (mostly water of course). But if I can drink a snack or meal instead of eat it, I'll go for drinking. Yesterday was a "liquid day" and I just had such a salt craving around 5pm, so I had a mini bag of popcorn (100), then at 11pm I had a tall iced skinny caramel macchiato for 140 calories (but this was liquid), then had a veggie burger pattie w/ hot sauce (115) and 6 peanuts (60). I also only drank a little under half of my grapefruit water mixture (~60). So 200 calories in liquid and 275 food calories. Total of 475 calories yesterday. Also totally didn't drink enough water and didn't exercise. Getting my hair done today so def not working out today either...sorry! Well i think this new plan will keep me sane and help me lose weight. Was 147.4 on Wednesday morning after Tuesday binge of 1,400 calories. Now back down to 146.0 after my mixed day this morning. This of course is good, but now that I f-ed up I have to lose 6 pounds in 7 days. *expletive* So far today just had a rice pudding cup (70) and like 2 sips of liquid. I really really need to drink more liquids! I'm not getting headaches tho, surprising. Having a mini bag of popcorn now (100). Then going to see the HARRY POTTER PREMIERE!! YAY!! So may have something there, but I hope to just buy some gum and chew on that the whole time. Will have oatmeal around 10:30pm before we leave so I don't feel too tempted. So going good. I just got back from getting my hair done and my cute new bob and bangs inspire me to get thin quick! The haircut is just so perfect for a petite frame. Let's do this!

*Zoe Saldana thinspo* i totally loves her!

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